Key Features:
All New for 2010

YZ450F’s new rearward-slanted cylinder is a revolutionary advancement that achieves unmatched mass centralization, concentrating inertial mass toward the center of the machine. This bold new design also swaps traditional intake and exhaust positions, putting the lightweight airbox and throttle body out front. This contributes to mass centralization for nimble handling while also achieving a straight intake tract for superb combustion efficiency that delivers more power.
YZ450F の新しい後方に傾斜するシリンダーは比べるものがない大規模な集中化を成し遂げる革命の進歩です。そして、機械の中心の方へ慣性質量に集中します。この大 胆な新しいデザインも伝統的な摂取量と排気位置を交換します。そして、正面に軽量airboxとスロットル本体を置きます。より多くの大国を届ける素晴ら しい燃焼効率のためにまっすぐな摂取量地域も成し遂げる間、これは素早い取扱いのために大規模な集中化に貢献します。
The cylinder is offset so the connecting rod is vertical at the moment of greatest combustion force, minimizing piston friction against the cylinder wall that could rob power. That means quicker response.
The new 4-titanium valve cylinder head is matched to a fuel injection system developed specifically for the YZ450F. Instantly adapts to changing air/fuel mixtures depending on altitude and temperature, for an engine that delivers no matter what conditions.
The all-new aluminum Bilateral Beam frame provides a superb rigidity balance that complements the engine for unmatched lightweight handling and cornering. The result? The best cornering, most nimble 450F for all track conditions.
すべて新しいアルミニウムBilateral Beamフレームは、比べるものがない軽量取扱いとコーナリングのためにエンジンを補う素晴らしい堅さバランスを提供します。結果?すべてのための最も隅に置いている、最も素早い450Fは、状況を追います。
Revamped looks deliver new-generation styling, including front and rear fenders, intake cover, front fork protector, and number plate, along with the fuel tank and seat.
Accessory GYTR® Power Tuner lets bike tuners adjust air/fuel mixture and ignition timing maps to match engine performance characteristics to the rider and track conditions.
アクセサリーGYTR Power Tunerは、自転車調律師に空気/燃料を混ぜたものと点火タイミングマップがエンジン性能特徴をライダーと合わせて、状況を追うように調整させます。

The rearward-slanted engine allowed engineers to design straight intake and exhaust ports, creating the most direct path for air flow into the fuel-injected engine for incredible performance.
The YZ450F uses a battery-less fuel injection system with a 12-hole injector for superb fuel atomization. The 44mm Keihin® throttle body is designed for easy starting, with an integrated cold start and idle speed adjustment knob. Yamaha FI provides optimal air/fuel mixtures in all altitudes and wide range of temperatures for outstanding throttle response.
YZ450F は、素晴らしい燃料原子化のために12-穴注射器で、バッテリーのない燃料噴射システムを使用します。統合したコールドスタートと遊休速度調整ノブで、 44mmの京浜スロットル本体は、簡単な出発のために設計されます。ヤマハFIは、顕著なスロットル反応のためにすべての高度と広範囲の温度で最適空気/ 燃料混合物を提供します。
14 volt / 110W high output generator powers the battery less fuel injection system.
4-titanium valve cylinder head with a “pent-roof” design combustion chamber provides excellent combustion efficiency and unequalled power output.
Intake and exhaust camshaft profile changes to increase valve working angle and valve lift for most excellent performance at all rpm.
The bigger 97.0mm bore and shorter 60.8mm stroke, along with a higher 12.5:1 compression ratio, create a combustion chamber that delivers really impressive power.
The air filter case is changed to accommodate the new engine layout. Putting it up front keeps dirt and dust kicked up from the rear tire away from the intake system.


New “tornado-style” exhaust header with resonator efficiently scavenges exhaust gasses and helps the engine achieve its exceptional low-to-mid range torque characteristics, while the 150mm-longer muffler comfortably meets the latest noise standards without a sacrifice of power.
Clutch and transmission components have been thoughtfully revamped to give the rider great shifting feel.

The aluminum Bilateral Beam frame is crafted from a carefully chosen combination of forged and extruded aluminum, 16 components in all, for the right rigidity balance and light weight. A very symmetrical chassis design promotes nimble handling, letting riders enter and exit corners as quickly as possible to put the competition behind them.
ア ルミニウムBilateral Beamフレームは、適切な堅さバランスと軽量さのためにプレス加工されて押出加工されたアルミニウム(すべての16の構成要素)の慎重に選ばれた組合せ から巧みに作られます。非常に対称形のシャシー設計は素早い取扱いを促進します。そして、ライダーに彼らの記憶の彼方に競争を置くためにできるだけ速く角 に入って、出させます。
New skid plate is constructed from tough polypropylene for great protection and low weight.
The swingarm and rear shock are redesigned, with the shock mounted along the central axis of the frame, taking advantage of the space no longer needed for the front-mounted airbox. This optimized combination delivers exceptionally linear performance for excellent bump absorption and awesome cornering ability.
正 面搭載のairboxのためにもはや必要とされないスペースを利用して、フレームの中心軸に沿って感電を展示して、swingarmと後部のショックは再 設計されます。この最適化された組合せは、優れた衝突吸収とものすごいコーナリング能力のために例外的に線形パフォーマンスを届けます。
The KYB® Speed Sensitive front fork has 10mm longer stroke for excellent feel and shock absorption.
KYB Speed Sensitive正面フォークは、素敵な感じとショック吸収のために10mmより長い脳卒中に襲われます。
KYB® rear shock with large capacity piggy back reservoir and 50mm piston for more consistent damping control.
New fuel tank is positioned underneath the seat, contributing to the centralized mass. The seat is long and flat for to allow free rider movement.
New rear sprocket shape has a trick appearance and is light weight.
The triple clamps are redesigned, with a change in offset from 25 to 22 mm for unequalled cornering performance. The ProTaper® bars are four-way adjustable to accommodate a wide range of riders.
The front and rear fenders, along with the number plate, side cover and front fork protector have been redesigned for an aggressive look. Less plastic is used to expose and enhance the lightweight aluminum frame.
Additional Features:

Fuel pump is small and lightweight, as is the compact transistor ignition unit.
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